Intentionally Developing

Excellent Leaders of Tomorrow

Public Safety Excellence


Why do we need another Leadership program?


We don't, there are hundreds of them, and several are quite good.

But this is not a program; it is a comprehensive developmental challenge, a crucible of accelerated exposure to the real world dilemmas of public safety leadership, asking its toughest questions and exposing its deepest rewards. Somewhere along the way public service forgot that leadership principles can only be taught in the presence of leadership; we've made the commitment to revive this practice. You'll face these challenges as journeyman and apprentice, combining various skills into the craft of public service leadership; you'll do this together in the best traditions of Mentor and Telemachus.



Why should I consider taking on the headaches and hassles of leadership in a supervisory role?


The succession of individuals filling public service leadership roles is certain; the quality of leadership by those individuals is not.  Many people fill these roles, some fill them well; very few fill them with excellence.  These people will come from our ranks; if we don't step up to fill these roles as a matter of personal responsibility, then we, by default, may forfeit these roles to those seeking self-service through positions of power.  Will you step up, or step aside?


The Leadership Excellence Challenge is committed to the intentional development of Excellent Public Safety Leadership through academic preparation, structured mentoring, peer evaluation, performance assessment, guided reading, and an individualized development prescription. The LEC mission is to develop future officers that will be recognized by others (not themselves) as professionally competent and morally grounded leaders who are willingly trusted and sought out to make excellent decisions on behalf of, and through the leadership of, others, both internally and externally of their departments.



• You will be challenged as a current/future leader 

• You will be confronted with difficult situations you'll eventually need to master

• You will be shown your blind spots, and safely hear what no one will say

• You will grow as a person, and as a current/future leader

This is not a "canned" program, purchased and implemented by a distant leadership guru that is unaccountable for the results.  This is a community effort of committed individuals who comprise the Leadership Excellence Challenge™ team. Every aspect of this program is designed toward developing a personal "prescription"  for your leadership development.  Leadership is not something one accomplishes, it's not a checkbox on the resume.  The LEC cannot make you a leader, only those working with you can grant that, but we can make you a quality candidate for leadership if you're ready to step up.


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